SB11 is around the corner

As the SB11 starts getting closer we all are getting excited how we have succeeded in our proposal. There has been some rumours that the ceremony will be streamed to public but we are not sure yet. We will let you no once we know whether this is true or not.

Anyway, it not only the ceremony taht we are waiting for but also it a week full loaded with good presentation about getting built environment back in track of sustainability. Can’t wait for that!

Stay tuned for more information about the broadcasting…

The beauty of Suvela02760_final_version.pdf!

Nothing feels as good as type the words “Suvela02760_final_version.pdf and then press the save button. After long and swetty hours our proposal is ready to be sent further to the Suvela SURGE team.

Suvela SURGE competition has been a really teaching journey for all of us. Retrofitting and renewal of neighborhoods is still a relatively new topic in architecture competitions in Finland. However, we are sure that we will see more of this kind of challenges entering to the archititecthure competitions in the future when more neigbourhoods built in 70’s need renewal.

What makes this kind of cases interesting, is the multi-dimensionality of the challenge. It has been truly fascinating to use every pieces of our team’s knowledge and creativity to overcome the problems of Suvela. not to tell too much about our proposal, we just say that it was way hard to solve the equation of declining neighborhood with bad reputation in way that would not only improve the surface but would work as a catalyt for a bigger social, environmental and economical growth for the area.

Working with this competiton has also been a good test piece for all of us in terms of co-working with different disclipnaries. Even we all are members of YKSO – Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun Opiskelijat (Student Association of Urban Planning and Design, if translated roughly), it still different thing to talk  cross-disclipnary about issues than try to solve them together. As much as we would like to share our competition proposal right away and show how we did, we still have to hold our horses until the jury has made their decission. Before this we would like to thank the competition organizers and sponsors who made this event possible and move to enjoy our well-deserved summer break.

Have a great summer all of you!